Making my PC a Hackintosh.

Making my PC a Hackintosh.


My experiment was to make my PC a Hackintosh. Any machine, running macOS on non-Apple hardware is a Hackintosh. Every machine is not compatible so make sure to check your hardware compatibility from OSx86 before installing.

My Hardware:

  •  Asus H110m-CS
  • i3 7100
  • Intel HD Graphics 630
  • 4GB DDR4 Memory
Lets Start!


  1. Start by Downloading MacOS Sierra from here.
  2. Download TransMac from here.
  3. Connect a USB Drive of at least 8GB (Make sure to backup all of your data, you will need to format it.)
  4. Run TransMac as administrator.
  5. Right click on your USB drive and select Format disk for Mac.
  6. Right click again and select Restore with disk image. Locate your DMG file and click OK to start the restore.
  7. Once the restore is complete, Use the MiniTool Partition Wizard to assign the EFI partition a letter (Skip this step if EFI already mounted)
  8. Open the EFI Partition, Replace its content with this. (Make sure to extract the zip file)
  9. Launch the BIOS of the PC in which you want to install macOS, then follow these steps:-
    1. Start by going to the exit tab and Click load optimized defaults. Click save changes.
    2. Go to the boot tab and turn off Fast boot.
    3. In the same tab, Put Launch CSM (Compatibility Support Module) to Auto.
    4. Go to SATA configuration, SATA mode to AHCI. (Not available in Intel H110 chipset motherboards)
    5. Go back, then Go to USB Configuration, and disable USB Keyboard and Mouse simulator.
    6. Go back and click save and exit.
  10. Boot into your USB.
  11. In the clover configurator, Select Install macOS sierra and hit Space Bar.
  12. Check Verbose (-v) and select boot macOS with selected options.
  13. Click Utility, then Disk Utility.
  14. Select your Internal HDD and click Erase. Give it a Name, Select Format as Mac OS Extended (Journaled). Then erase.
  15. Partition it by Clicking on partition if you want to. Otherwise, skip this step.
  16. Close Disk Utility, then click continue.
  17. Agree to the license agreement, and click continue.
  18. Select the disk that you erased earlier to install macOS to it. Click continue.
  19. Sit back and relax. It will take some time to install.
  20. Once installed, It will reboot. Choose your USB drive from the BIOS.
  21. Choose Boot macOS from “hard disk”. Hit SpaceBar.
  22. Check Verbose (-v) and select boot macOS with selected options.
  23. You will now enter the setup screen. Voila! You are now running macOS on a PC.
  24. Go through the setup and setup your account.

Congratulations! You can now use your Hackintosh as a normal Macintosh. For any queries mail us at or use the comment section below. Happy Hackintoshing!

In the next tutorial, I will explain how to mount EFI to your hard disk so that you don’t have to use your USB drive every time you boot into macOS.



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  1. Sachin Dubey says:

    Hey Naman,I am super proud and excited to see you doing things in early ages. Keep doing well.
    BTW, Do you dream killing Talking Machine one day, that will be a problem for sure, so be ready with solution. World needs it

  2. That is a very simple guide and easy to understand.

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