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I made my laptop faster with an SSD upgrade!

Introduction My laptop was really slow and used to take 2 -3 minutes just to boot. It had a WD 1TB 5400rpm drive and after upgrading to an SSD it made a great difference. My laptop’s boot time decreased drastically from 173 seconds to just 16 seconds. Required Hardware A Crosshead screwdriver (preferably magnetic) An SSD…
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A Raspberry Pi Google Home.

Introduction I asked my dad for a Google home, The answer I got was NO. So I made my own using Google APIs and RaspberryPi. Let me show you how I did it. Required Hardware Raspberry Pi USB Microphone External Speaker (HDMI/Audio Jack/USB) A MicroSD card with Raspbian installed on it Setting up audio devices…
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Making my PC a Hackintosh.

Introduction My experiment was to make my PC a Hackintosh. Any machine, running macOS on non-Apple hardware is a Hackintosh. Every machine is not compatible so make sure to check your hardware compatibility from OSx86 before installing. My Hardware:  Asus H110m-CS i3 7100 Intel HD Graphics 630 4GB DDR4 Memory Lets Start! Procedure Start by Downloading MacOS…
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