RFID with Arduino

RFID with Arduino

Introduction (How it Works)

Mifare RC522 is the highly integrated RFID card reader which works on non-contact 13.56mhz communication, is a low power consumption, low cost, and compact size read and write chip, is the best choice in the development of smart meters and portable hand-held devices.

Required Hardware

For this module you will need:


Connect the sensor as described below.

Pin Wiring to Arduino Uno
SDA Digital 10
SCK Digital 13
MOSI Digital 11
MISO Digital 12
IRQ unconnected
RST Digital 9
3.3V 3.3V


On your PC, Download and install the Arduino IDE from here.

  1. Download the RFID library here created by Miguel Balboa
  2. Unzip the RFID library
  3. Install the RFID library in your Arduino IDE
  4. Restart your Arduino IDE

Now, in the Arduino IDE, Go to File —> Examples –> MFRC522 —> dumpinfo

Connect your Arduino with a USB cable to your PC and upload the code to your Arduino UNO. Open up the serial monitor from tools —> serial monitor and now as soon an RFID it would show up on the serial monitor. Voila! The project is now complete.

Images and Screenshots


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